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Manufacturer Directory > Chartpak > Graphic Tape > Crepe Tape

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Item No Description MSRP Our Price Quantity
CHBGCP37510 BCP37510 Chartpak 3/8''X324'' White Crepe List $12.33 $11.10
CHBGCP5010 Eligible for Free ShippingBCP5010 Chartpak 1/2''X324'' White Crepe List $12.33 $11.10
CHBGCP0201 BGCP0201 Chartpak .20''X648'' Black Crepe List $6.33 $5.70
CHBGCP0221 BGCP0221 Chartpak .022"X648" Black Crepe List $7.04 $6.33
CHBGCP0231 BGCP0231 Chartpak .023''X648'' Black Crepe List $6.33 $5.70
CHBGCP0261 BGCP0261 Chartpak .026''X648'' Black Crepe List $6.33 $5.70
CHBGCP0401 BGCP0401 Chartpak .040''X648'' Black Crepe List $6.33 $5.70
CHBGCP0461 Eligible for Free ShippingBGCP0461 Chartpak 3/64''X648'' Black Crepe List $6.33 $5.70
CHBGCP1251 BGCP1251 Chartpak 1/8''X648'' Black Crepe List $8.17 $7.35
CHBGCP12510 BGCP12510 Chartpak 1/8''X648'' White Crepe List $8.17 $7.35
CHBGCP12511 BGCP12511 Chartpak 1/8''X648'' Yellow Crepe - Out of Stock List $8.17 $7.35
CHBGCP1252 BGCP1252 Chartpak 1/8''X648'' Red Crepe List $8.17 $7.35
CHBGCP1253 BGCP1253 Chartpak 1/8''X648'' Blue Crepe List $8.17 $7.35
CHBGCP1501 BGCP1501 Chartpak 1/64''X648'' Black Crepe List $6.33 $5.70
CHBGCP1871 BGCP1871 Chartpak 3/16''X648'' Black Crepe List $8.89 $8.00
CHBGCP18711 BGCP18711 Chartpak 3/16''X648'' Yellow Crepe List $8.89 $8.00
CHBGCP1873 BGCP1873 Chartpak 3/16''X648'' Blue Crepe List $8.89 $8.00
CHBGCP2001 BGCP2001 Chartpak .2"x648" Black Crepe List $8.89 $8.00
CHBGCP2501 BGCP2501 Chartpak 1/4''X648'' Black Crepe List $9.11 $8.20
CHBGCP2502 BGCP2502 Chartpak 1/4''X648'' Red Crepe Tape List $8.61 $7.75
CHBGCP2503 BGCP2503 Chartpak 1/4''X648'' Blue Crepe List $9.11 $8.20
CHBGCP2510 BGCP2510 Chartpak 1/4''X648'' White Crepe List $9.11 $8.20
CHBGCP2511 BGCP2511 Chartpak 1/4''X648'' Yellow Crepe List $9.11 $8.20
CHBGCP3101 BGCP3101 Chartpak 1/32''648'' Black Crepe List $6.33 $5.70
CHBGCP3103 BGCP3103 Chartpak 1/32''X648'' Blue Crepe List $6.33 $5.70
CHBGCP3104 BGCP3104 Chartpak 1/32''X648'' Grn Crepe List $6.33 $5.70
CHBGCP3110 BGCP3110 Chartpak 1/32''X648'' White Crepe List $6.33 $5.70
CHBGCP3751 BGCP3751 Chartpak 3/8''X324'' Black Crepe List $12.33 $11.10
CHBGCP37511 BGCP37511 Chartpak 3/8''X324'' Yellow Crepe List $12.33 $11.10
CHBGCP3753 BGCP3753 Chartpak 3/8''X324'' Blue Crepe List $12.33 $11.10
CHBGCP5001 BGCP5001 Chartpak 1/2''X324'' Black Crepe List $12.33 $11.10
CHBGCP5003 BGCP5003 Chartpak 1/2''X324'' Blue Crepe List $12.33 $11.10
CHBGCP5004 BGCP5004 Chartpak 1/2''X324'' Green Crepe List $12.33 $11.10
CHBGCP5011 BGCP5011 Chartpak 1/2''X324'' Yellow Crepe List $12.33 $11.10
CHBGCP6201 BGCP6201 Chartpak 1/16''X648''Black Crepe List $6.33 $5.70
CHBGCP6202 BGCP6202 Chartpak 1/16''X648'' Red Crepe List $6.33 $5.70
CHBGCP6203 BGCP6203 Chartpak 1/16''X648'' Blue Crepe List $6.33 $5.70
ChBGCP6210 BGCP6210 Chartpak 1/16''X648'' White Crepe List $6.33 $5.70
CHBGCP6211 BGCP6211 Chartpak 1/16''X648'' Yellow Crepe List $6.33 $5.70
CHBGCP9301 BGCP9301 Chartpak 3/32''X648'' Black Crepe List $6.33 $5.70
CHBGCP9303 BGCP9303 Chartpak 3/32''X648'' Blue Crepe- Out of Stock List $6.33 $5.70
CHBG9303M BGCP9303M Chartpak 3/32''X648'' Blue Crepe Matte List $7.86 $7.07
CHBGCP9304 BGCP9304 Chartpak 3/32''X648'' Green Crepe List $6.33 $5.70
CHBG9304M BGCP9304M Chartpak 3/32''X648'' Green Crepe Matte List $7.86 $7.07
CHBGCP9310 BGCP9310 Chartpak 3/32''X648'' White Crepe List $6.33 $5.70
CHBGCP9311 BGCP9311 Chartpak 3/32''X648'' Yellow Crepe List $6.33 $5.70

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