MOLOTOW™ Dripstick

The Molotow Dripstick means no more dirty hands while refilling, and no more fumbling with marker tips. Molotow's unique Eazy-Refill system features a screw-on tank cap that makes refilling quick, clean, and easy, for when every second counts. The Dripstick's super-soft Eazy-Squeeze body makes the fattest, juiciest drips possible with a minimum of pressure. Plus, no matter how hard you squeeze, the Dripstick's design gives the tip maximum hold. The Dripstick is recommended for use with the Molotow Cocktail Speedflow and CoversAll inks, but it also works with other inks, including Molotow ONE4ALL.

25mm Dripstick

MOLOTOW™ DRIPSTICKS set standards thanks to the screw opening which is placed on the bottom. The EASY Refill features stand for fast and clean refilling. From now on dirty hands are a thing of the past

10mm Dripstick