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TENRYU'S Premium Heavy Duty, Industrial, Multi-Purpose Blades

  • Meant to be used on shop tools such as table saws
  • Many models can be used on more specialized machinery with arbor hole adjustments
  • These blades are priced very competitively
  • Each blade has a large carbide tip following the European tradition and can be resharpened multiple 20 times
  • The small shop and corporate giant alike will appreciate getting quality industrial blades at an affordable price
  • Individually hand-hammered, fully heat hardened steel plates for flat, true, wobble-free operation.
  • Aggressive grind angles for easy performance in heavy-duty jobs. Honing carried out at 400 grit to limit microchipping and produce a very keen edge.
  • Large, high-grade carbide tips selected for long life in woodworking applications.
  • Ample side clearance provides for air flow between carbide and workpiece - limits likelihood of burning even on heavy rips. This also prevents premature dulling.
  • Available in Sizes:
    • 10'' x 5/8'' .079 24 Teeth — RS-25524U
    • 10'' x 5/8'' .079 40 Teeth — RS-25540U