Fast Cast 7.5oz Fine Plaster

Fast Cast 7.5oz Fine Plaster This pre-measured bag of plaster lets you enjoy working with a fine grade substance without the mess, dust or clean-up of other plasters. Just add water to te bag as directed, then snip the lower corner to dispense. Fast drying, this durable white casting medium is deal for field work as well as arts and crafts projects. In a 7.5oz bag.

<< NO. AV215

Instamold 12oz

Instamold 12oz Make perfect reproductions of 3-Dimensional shapes in minutes with this ingenous water-activated, non-toxic, mold-making compound. The finished mold can be used with resin, wax, Permastone or casting plaster to make numerous copies. In a 12oz. canister that makes up to a gallon of working mixture.

<< NO. AV250

Permastone 28oz

Permastone 28oz This plaster-like casting compound dries to be super-hard. Ideal for projects that require break-resistant casting. It can be finished with oils, acrylics, watercolors, poster colors, etc. in a 28oz. can.


<< NO. AV350